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Must-See Moments Through the Lens of Grade Tens

Last year we ran an essay competition for Grade 12 learners. The title was HISTORIC SCHOOLS: INCULCATING IN YOUNG PEOPLE APPRECIATION FOR THE RICH LEGACY BEQUEATHED BY THE ALUMNI & CELEBRATING THE HISTORY & HERITAGE OF OUR SCHOOLS. We received some excellent and well researched essays. The winners were from Tiger Kloof, Inkamana and Adams College.

This year we are running a photojournalism contest from 17th to 27th June for Grade 10 learners. The title is MUST-SEE MOMENTS THROUGH THE LENS OF GRADE TENS.

The HSRP encourages learners to address a topical theme through a creative, visual medium to connect with their school communities and share their work with family, friends and the public.

The project provides teachers and learners an opportunity to learn about both natural and contrived situations in their school surroundings by creating visual and written illustrations of various concepts.
The learners will compete in a national arena with more than 1,000 of their peers for recognition and prizes. One disposable camera, instructions and competition requirements were sent to each Grade 10 teacher who will share the details with the learners. They will capture scenes that are natural, spontaneous, unrehearsed and not posed on film. They will write a caption to accompany each photograph.

The photographs and captions will be displayed at the HSRP Board Meeting and AGM on 1 August 2014 and the Board and attendees will determine the final winners.

We acknowledge the sponsors of this project with grateful thanks

Click the image for a view of: We acknowledge the sponsors of this project with grateful thanks
We acknowledge the sponsors of this project with grateful thanks

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