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2014 and Beyond

There is no doubt that the appointment of an education officer in 2013 has generated fresh concepts, renewed enthusiasm and programmatic transformation all of which have set the stage for the HSRP to imagine, adapt, influence and secure the organization's upward trajectory.

The old school buildings are more than monuments to education and culture and to the struggle for liberation; they also serve as springboards to success for poor rural children who would not have opportunities provided to city children.

The historic schools seek to establish constructive channels in which the learners feel free to work, play and express themselves. Due to their dire domestic situations we cannot expect high academic effort from all of them, but we can take steps to ensure that their limited abilities are exploited to the full.

Education is a powerful vehicle for changing society and bringing about a more just world, it's not about reproducing more of the same. The HSRP's vision and strategic plan is long term 12 years to witness and give evidence of the steady improvement towards educational excellence. There are currently, and will continue to be many challenges. Understanding the complexities of these challenges is something government, educationists, researchers and activists have to do better together otherwise the underresourced schools will continue to get stuck in a logjam of impossible expectations and despair.

Research has provided empirical evidence that partnerships enhance the deliveries of government and the HSRP is perfectly positioned to actively participate in the process and walk alongside the Department of Basic Education towards the national vision for schooling in 2025.


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