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The passing of Madiba in 2013 came as a great shock to South Africa as it was preparing to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of democracy. As we reach these important milestones in our country's history we are also faced with systemic challenges that we cannot ignore such as the provision of equitable education and job creation. Against this backdrop, the HSRP continues to rise above the inherited moment and moves towards a different future by designing and implementing interventions that talk to higher level aspirations enshrined in the South African Constitution.

The HSRP's vision is to create sustainable institutions through development processes which promote

educational and cultural excellence. Underpinning this is the importance of inclusiveness in the planning and delivery of programmes and the re-shaping of our historically significant schools which continue to reflect our apartheid past. At an institutional level the HSRP is consistently challenged to adapt its systems and practice to respond to changing and dynamic contexts while remaining relevant to its guiding principles, values and internal mandate.

This report covers the HSRP's work for the year ending March 2014 and captures the three positive interventions that lie at the centre of our year's work:

  1. The Historic Schools Eastern Cape Chapter – a restoration model with partnerships between the HSRP, the Methodist Church of Southern Africa and the Eastern Cape Provincial Government.
  2. The Education Officer's human capacity development and school systemic improvement interventions through the development of educational support activities undertaken in partnership with corporate institutions and education-based organizations nationally.
  3. The HSRP's adoption of a twelve-year strategic framework aimed at guiding our programmes, in alignment with the DBE's Towards the Realization of Schooling 2025.

The HSRP continues to demonstrate how to provide innovative interventions that add both educational and cultural value as well as spatial benefits to the schools and their wider communities. We have captured significant components of this work which are yielding positive benefits within the schools. In this review we paint a picture of higher learning trajectories which would benefit educational outcomes and in particular the children in rural South Africa thereby maintaining Madiba's legacy in the 20th year of our democracy.


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