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The success of the HSRP's work is linked to its ability to sustain and build a range of strategic partnerships. The HSRP formed many new partnerships and continued to strengthen strategic partnerships built over the years with CBOs, NGOs, academic and religious institutions, development practitioners and various government departments.

Umlambo Foundation

The HSRP and Umlambo Foundation have agreed to collaborate on leadership and teacher development currently in two of the historic schools identified by the HSRP.

Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS)

GIBS has extensive world respected Leadership Development programmes. The institute has agreed to compile a proposal for a programme that would cover most of the identified developmental requirements of the historic schools.

The National Education Collaboration Trust

Areas of synergy between the 6 themes of the National Education Collaboration Framework (NECF) and the HSRP School Improvement Programme were presented to the NECT via a proposal.

The areas of collaboration between the NECF and the HSRP's school improvement agenda are complementary and aligned to both the DBE's Action Plan 2014 and the NECT's 6 Themes:

  • Continuous teacher development especially on the training of teachers in subject content gap
  • Building capacity in school management in HSRP schools and feeder schools to help with planning that leads to credible school improvement plans
  • Courageous and effective leadership in line with the HSRP Leadership Development (Mentoring and Coaching; Curriculum Management and Instructional Leadership)
  • Strengthening School Governing Bodies in governance
  • Restoration of physical infrastructure

The above areas of collaboration form the bedrock of the symbiotic relationship that has been introduced between NECT and the HSRP.

Denel Match and Science Programme

The promotion of Maths and Science education in schools has become a key focus of Denel Aviation's corporate social investment policy.

Glen Cowie High School in Limpopo and Moroka High School in Free State have been incorporated in the Denel Maths and Science Programme which provides extra lessons on Saturdays and school holidays. The opportunity for more historic schools to participate in the programme will be made available as the progress is monitored and the programme expands to other provinces.

Umnikelo Project - Healdtown

The Umnikelo Project is a life skills project that was started in Healdtown in 2013. The HSRP aims to replicate the project in identified historic schools in the Eastern Province.

The Village Leadership Consulting

This organization specializes in integral leadership coaching and team building. They have offered their services pro bono to Ohlange High School for the 2014 academic year.


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