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HSRP Principals' Workshop

Recently (April 6 – 7, 2009), the HSRP held a two-day workshop for principals and other representatives of the six HSRP pilot schools. The workshop was held at Bishop’s school in Cape Town. It was held to promote the mandate of the HSRP, which is to advance excellence in education.

“We need motivated and well-equipped visionaries leading the historic schools who will enhance the ability of the teachers to teach and ensure that their schools pursue the goals of the project” says Archbishop Njongo Ndungane, Executive Director of the HSRP. “This and other similar workshops will endeavour to support the school principals and their staff in achieving these goals.”

Each of the pilot schools sent their principal, a senior staff member and a member of the school’s governing body. The schools’ ‘mentors’ – appointed by the Independent Quality Assurance Agency (IQAA) to guide the schools through the HSRP audit process early in 2008 – also attended.

The Executive Director, Archbishop Ndungane opened the workshop and was present for some of the time, as were members of the HSRP Education Sub-Committee – recently constituted to promote educational and cultural excellence at the schools (as distinct from their physical restoration) - and representatives from the Departments of Education and Science and Technology.

Liz Hodges facilitated the workshop. Colin Hall, a motivational speaker from Cape Town, addressed those present on ‘Learning to Lead’ and John Thole from Edunova presented a comprehensive, wholistic IT system for use in schools.

Participants were also addressed by Godwin Khosa from Joint Education Trust (JET) Services, Mokgadi Madiga from the Science and Youth Unit at the Department of Science and Technology, John Gilmour from LEAP schools and Nathan Johnstone from the Catholic Institute of Education.

School principals and representatives had group discussions, together with their mentors, on the IQAA evaluations conducted in 2008 and on the priorities identified. They reflected on progress made thus far on priority needs goals at their schools and discussed plans for wider stakeholder conferences to be held in their communities later in 2009.

Click the image for a view of: Sue Gardener (IQAA) addresses workshop participants
Sue Gardener (IQAA) addresses workshop participants
Click the image for a view of: Inanda group discussion
Inanda group discussion
Click the image for a view of: Godwin Khosa (JET) addresses the workshop.
Godwin Khosa (JET) addresses the workshop.
Click the image for a view of: Nathan Johnstone speaks to St Matthew's group
Nathan Johnstone speaks to St Matthew's group

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