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Next AGM
This will take place on 09th October 2015
We are in the process of moving office
Close office from Monday 30th March 2015 reopening on Tuesday 07th April 2015.
 The first HSRP Annual Grade 12 Essay Competition Results Announced
Meet the Winners
POSTPONEMENT OF AGM SCHEDULED FOR 23 AUGUST 2013 Postponement of HSRP AGM scheduled for 23 August 2013
Now postponed to 11 October 2013.
Bishop Zipho Siwa, Dr Mpho Rabada, Archbishop Njongo Ndungane, Rev Vido Nyobole Recent presentation
A presentation on the future of the iconic Healdtown Comprehensive School
Enrolment notice
For more than a century the historic schools have contributed richly to educational excellence and produced great leaders in South Africa and beyond our borders.
TIYO SOGA Lovedale Memorial Lecture Delivered by: Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane Address by Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane
At the Tiyo Soga Lovedale Memorial Lecture, Lovedale College, Alice, 5 September 2012
Picture: Steve Lawrence “Our Executive Director Wears Many Hats…”
Besides steering the HSRP, amongst other titles Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane is also a member of Corruption Watch, a civil society organisation that monitors corruption in South Africa
 Happy Birthday, Archbishop Ndungane!
Executive Director interview
Our Executive Director interviewed by well-known radio personality, Jenny Crwys-Williams.

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