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Poems written by Inkamana students

Yes team!!
Mind filled with thought, I notice something,
Something strange that has never crossed my mind.
With Your help, Almighty God, I see the teams,
I see a team of ants carrying a leaf,
And amazingly taking equal steps.
I see the Crocodile Patrol Team,
Individually weak but, unified, infinitely strong.
I see a flock of birds fly by,
All on standby to shield another from the solitary eagle…
I wonder where its team is.
I’ve seen many teams, but, none is greater,
None is greater than the team
Between me... us and our God,
The Leader who shields us from harm,
Who gives us rain and nourishing foof,
Provides a shelter for all beasts and creatures.
Thank You, Lord, for being on my team,
For You know, together we can,

Nkosinathi Mbuyazi Grade 11
Letter …
Dear God,

Alone I tried to win,
But I couldn’t succeed.
Alone I tried to shine,
But nobody saw me.
Alone I tried to be a victor,
But instead I was defeated…

“Ausculta my son,” said God,
“The Team needs you!”

Mhlengi Tenza Grade 11
The sky is clear
The water is calm
Nature is at peace
-Only the sounds of the birds.

I am with my team
Under a tree,
Nearer to God
My soul shall be.

Teams of friendship,
Teams of love,
The best team
Is the one that praises
The One above.

I need God,
The team needs me
Working together is
Our success key.

Melokuhle Ximba Grade 10

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