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Meet the HSRP's newly appointed Education Officer

We are delighted to introduce you to Ms Sindi Lingela.

At the end of last year we said a sad farewell to our Education Officer- Bonnie Sesenyamotse who was with us for a short term. We are delighted to introduce you to Ms Sindi Lingela who has stepped into the position of Education Officer with effect from 6 January! Sindi has extensive knowledge and experience in the development of education at all levels. After completing her B.Ed at Rhodes and her Masters in Education Leadership and Management from the University of Durban Westville, Sindi travelled extensively in Europe, the USA and Africa to broaden her educational horizons. She started her career as an English teacher at Kwazakele High School in the Eastern Cape. From there she leaped into the position Deputy Director General in the Western Cape Department of Education and more recently, Acting CEO of the Gauteng City Regional Academy. The HSRPs Executive Director Archbishop Njongo Ndungane said I am excited at the possibilities Sindi will create for our organization and more importantly, for the historic schools we serve throughout our country.

I look forward to working with the excellent schools that are part of the Historic Schools project and being part of the change process they wish to see. I see myself as one of the many enablers that will take the schools on higher trajectory in terms of academic achievement. Ms Sindi Lingela HSRP Education Officer.

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