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Pangynaskean Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Pangynaskean Investment Holdings is a broad based women's group that encourages entrepreneurship among its members, while supporting the development of young women through the Pangynaskean Trust. The name Pangynaskean is Greek for 'all powers of women'. Their name reflects their strategy which is to harness the powers of women to create a continuous cycle of empowering women through education and mentoring support.

Pangynaskean was founded in 2007 by nine Black women based in South Africa and graduates of two prestigious colleges in the United States, namely Mount Holyoke and Smith. Most were beneficiaries of financial assistance channeled through scholarship programmes for Black women. They hold firm to the belief that they opportunity they were given to receive a quality tertiary education is the clear catalyst for their own professional success. Thus, they are aspiring to use their positions of influence and access to create a similar opportunity for deserving young women from previously disadvantaged communities in South Africa.

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