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PEARL Edu Vision

PEARL Edu Vision is a non-profit organization that was established to provide solutions aimed at education development.  Its primary objective is to improve access to quality education in the rural areas, and develop schools to become centres of excellence.

PEARL focuses on development of teachers and learners that is centred on the area of Life Orientation.  Through Life Orientation, learners and teachers can be empowered, and enabled to understand the dynamics of the current economic, social and political landscapes of South Africa, and position themselves to be relevant in responding to country’s developmental challenges. 

PEARL’s vision is to:

  • Introduce new methods of learning and teaching, to augment the academic practices in schools;
  • Introduce methods that promote the development of schools to become high-performance learning environments; and
  • Focus on development that provides exposure, promotes self-development, increases access to opportunities, and promotes dynamism in learners and teachers to be responsive to the continual changes in the country, and globally.

In partnership with HSRP and the Centre for Education Policy Development (CEPD), PEARL is currently implementing a teachers’ development programme in Sekhukhune, Limpopo, in 5 schools, 2 of which are historic schools.  PEARL also has partnerships with other education development organisations in Sekhukhune that involved in the areas of Maths & Science interventions for learners, as well as career guidance.

PEARL Edu Vision Contact details:

E-mail: /

Phone: (011) 258-8887

Fax: 086 548 7457

Address: Country Club Estate, Building 2
Woodlands Drive




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