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Umlambo Foundation

Umlambo Foundation is the creation of the former Deputy President Phumzile Mlambo- Ngcuka. The Foundation has existed from October 2008 and is a registered non-profit organization.

Ms P Mlambo-Ngcuka (Founder and Executive Chairperson of Umlambo Foundation), Dr V Maphai, Mr P Nkuna, Ms L Mojela, Ms S Sisulu,
Mr A Nkuhlu.

The board and staff are supported by Umlambo Foundation associates who provide advice. The associates are based inside and outside South Africa in partner and sister institutions. They are also individuals who in their personal capacity support the work of Umlambo Foundation.

We also depend on mentors who are playing a significant role in support of principals, and reputable retired principals for each adopted school.

People winning against poverty through education
One school at a time
 For every child 
In every family

Umlambo Foundation leverages the goodwill of people and institutions to  invest in leadership and management development of school principals to improve the quality of education in public schools; giving learners a chance to WIN against poverty


Excellence, Ubuntu, Integrity, Drive, Open Mindedness


1.  Leadership and Management programme for principals (LMPP).
Global and South African experience show that good school leadership is key to quality education and academic performance. Umlambo Foundation supports improvement of education through training Principals in leadership and management and supports the schools. The principals are enrolled in a 2 year part-time University course, the Advanced Certificate in Education (ACE) especially designed by the Department of Education for principals. The Umlambo Foundation initial cohort 2009/2010 has 17 principals drawn from 6 provinces (see attachment). All principals are nominated and supported by mentors.

Their schools become our ‘adopted schools’ that receive additional services from Umlambo Foundation and other partners to make the intervention holistic such as infrastructure, computer labs, food gardens etc.

South Africa has 25 194 public schools and 20 000 who could benefit from such an intervention. The Department of Education and the University of Johannesburg has given us support and guidance on the programme.


1.1 Mentoring and Coaching Programme
Each principal is paired with a mentor from the private sector who also plays the role of nominating the school into the Leadership and Management Programme. The mentors leverage their social and financial capacity to direct resources and support to their nominated school and other schools in the programme where possible.

In addition; Umlambo Foundation has secured the services of retired, reputable principals to lend more intensive mentorship support. The retired principals are in close geographic proximity to the school allowing for more visits and immediate interventions in arising challenges where possible.

1.2 ‘Train the Trainer’ in ICT Programme   
This programme focuses on training educators and principals to use ICT for management, teaching and learning enhancement. The trained educators and/or principals are trained as trainers and further supported to conduct training in their own respective schools. The training is not subject-specific thereby allowing all educators to be exposed to innovative methods for teaching and learning.

1.3  Educator Support Programme
This programme specifically focuses on Life Orientation and English Language educators to enhance the skills to effectively teach these subjects. The choice of subjects is informed by their cross-cutting nature thereby exposing most, if not all, of the learners in the school. The programme is run through bi-annual workshops hosted in conjunction with leading specialists in each respective learning area and the American Embassy.

1.4 Whole School Development 
This programme allows Umlambo Foundation to assist the schools to develop and implement their school development plans. The aim is to ensure that all the stakeholders feeding into the school play a meaningful role in crafting and implementing the turn-around strategies required to turn all the schools in the programme into centres of excellence.
The programme is run by means of individual school baseline assessments and out-of-school getaways to enable constructive dialogue amongst all stakeholders involved in the school.

Umlambo Foundation further mobilizes support from other service providers for; science laboratories, library books, security, nutrition and gardens, teacher development in Maths, Science, Career Guidance, Commerce and languages, HIV/AIDS and healthy lifestyle awareness, prevention and support, clean schools and toilets, encourage extra murals activities especially sports, art and music and social movements e.g. Girls Guides and Boy Scouts.

Cutting across most of the work of Umlambo Foundation is leveraging goodwill of ordinary citizens and the Philanthropic spirit that always needs to be nurtured.

Contact details for Umlambo:

E-mail: /

Phone: (011) 783-0100

Fax: (011) 783-9431

Address: 21 Impala Rd
















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