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Sifunda Kunye

Sifunda Kunye's vision is to create a sustainable model to improve the lives of disadvantaged children in the Eastern Cape of South Africa through new technology and initiative based projects.


The Heart of Sufunda Kunye


Technology is at the heart of Sifunda Kunye, our mission being to introduce and support new technology to assist children in their pursuit of a quality education.

St Andrew's College in Grahamstown has been a strong supporter and partner for Sifunda Kunye, offering technology support from their Information Technology Department. Two of their staff members work on Sifunda projects and assist with networking installation, testing and maintenance.

When beginning the project in a new school, the first step is to create the infrastructure that is able to support a computer lab and multiple users. The bandwidth is often insufficient in which case connection improvements are necessary. Once the infrastructure is in place, the computer lab is ready to be installed with the hardware. The size of the lab is based on the needs of the school and the number of students but an average of 30 computers are installed. Sifunda Kunye hires a local IT specialist to work on-site at the school on a full time basis to maintain the hardware and software and manage the technology needs of the project. All systems are networked and students have user identification so they can store their work and teachers can keep track of their progress.

The biggest challenge that students have entering high school is mastering of the English language. Students from this rural area are not proficient in the English language but need to be able to take examinations which are all in the English language. The software that is currently being used by Sifunda Kuyke is CAMI English and is a tremendous learning tool to assist students in their English proficiency.

Join us.

Sifunda Kunye offers you—individuals, corporations, foundations, NGOs, and partner schools —an opportunity to put education at the center of your charitable giving and the chance to participate in inspiring change.

ZK Matthews High School


ZK Matthew's has about 800 students evenly split between boys and girls. It is a relatively new and fast-growing school but attendence numbers are falling.  Matric pass rates fell to below 50%


Introduce Technology to assist in teaching English, Math and Science. Internet connections also provides students a valuable research tool.




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