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Livingstone | Western Cape
Athlone High | Cape Town | Western Cape
Bensonville | Eastern Cape
Blythswood Institution | Eastern Cape
Buntingville | Eastern Cape
Clarkebury | Eastern Cape
Colana | Eastern Cape
D.S.G. | Eastern Cape
Dale College Boys High School | Eastern Cape
Dumsi | Eastern Cape
Glen Cowie | Limpopo
Holy Cross Convent | Western Cape
Jafta Mashlangu High | Gauteng
Kilnerton Institution/John Wesley College | Gauteng
Kingswood College | Eastern Cape
Lamula Jubilee | Gauteng
Lourdes | KwaZulu Natal
Lovedale | Eastern Cape
Ludeke | Eastern Cape
Marianhill | KwaZulu Natal
Mariazell High | Eastern Cape
Meadowlands | Gauteng
Mfundisweni | Eastern Cape
Mnceba | Eastern Cape
Moroka High | Free State
Morris Isaacson High | Gauteng
Mt Arthur | Eastern Cape
Muir | Eastern Cape
Mvuzi | Eastern Cape
Newell High | Port Elizabeth | Eastern Cape
Osborn | Eastern Cape
Palmerton | Eastern Cape
Pax College | Limpopo
Pholela | KwaZulu Natal
Qokolweni | Eastern Cape
Rode | Eastern Cape
Shawbury | Eastern Cape
St Andrews | Eastern Cape
St Boniface Kimberley | Northern Cape
St Cyprians | Northern Cape
St Francis | KwaZulu Natal
St John's | Eastern Cape
St Marks | Eastern Cape
St Martin's | Gauteng
William Pescot High | Northern Cape
Zonnebloem | Cape Town | Western Cape
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